MICROFILM ENTERPRISES - Document scanning - Chicago

We protect your most important asset - your information.

  • How many pages does one DVD hold?

    One DVD holds about 60,000 + pages (20 to 30 boxes).

  • How do I identify files on a DVD?

    We can index each file in any manner you want. You can find a file by any of your indexed criteria. We also provide you with a database that tells you which file resides in which DVD.

  • Can I add new information to a previously archived file?

    Yes, we can add or insert information to previously archived DVDs or USB drives and re-alphabetize them from year to year.

  • Will the scanning process affect my office routine?

    No, we bring the files to our office for scanning. While we have the files, should you require a particular file, we will either fax or email the same to you within 24 hours at no additional cost.