MICROFILM ENTERPRISES - Document scanning - Chicago

We protect your most important asset - your information.

Improve your productivity & customer service!

Storage cost for DVDs or USB flash drives is Zero. They can be kept in a locked cabinet. Quick disaster recovery.

As per HIPAA regulations "Security" of medical / personnel records is the ability of a company to control access and to protect private health & personal information from accidental or intentional disclosure, alteration, destruction or loss. It is a lot easier for a company to control access and protect medical / personnel records on DVDs or USB flash drives.

Time, effort and cost of retrieval of  information
on USB flash drives or DVDs is close to zero as against having to go through boxes and boxes of files in a storage room to find a particular file. You do not have to pay anyone to store or get your own file out of storage.

By putting information on USB drive or DVDs a business can eliminate photocopying cost. Either the full file or selected pages from it can be printed, emailed, faxed and hence shared with no extra effort hence increasing productivity, improving customer service and eliminating paper cost.

Get ready for electronic medical records by digitizing your archived patient charts.